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Flow-generating equipment, such as fans, pumps and compressors, are often used without speed control. Instead, flow is often controlled by throttling, using a valve or damper, so motors run at full speed.
As Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems rarely require maximum flow, a system operating without speed control wastes energy significantly over most of its operating time. Up to 70% of energy can be saved by using Honeywell inverters to control motor speeds.




Firmware, application software and language pack download tool for NXL and NXS series inverters.
Commissioning and parametering tool for NXL and NXS series inverters.
SmartDrive software download tool
Firmware and language pack download tool for SmartDrive series inverters.
SmartDrive Care Tool
Commisioning, parametering, diagnostics and drive software update tool for SmartDrive series inverters

Energy Savings Calculator

The fan and pump savings calculator are tools enabling you to present the energy savings which can be achieved with Honeywell VFDs in comparison with installations done using other methods.

The calculators run in the web browser, but does not require an active internet connection to work.

System requirements

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or later (NOTE ! does not work with other browsers)
  • Java Runtime Engine (
  • Adobe SVG Viewer 3.03


Just download the file below, unzip all files to the same folder, and read the “read me.txt” file in the package. When using the program, note that some of the graphics might not display if your pop-up blocker is not turned off.


Product Software

When saving these files on your hard disk, please make sure the file extension is always ".zip".

SmartDrive COMPACT
SmartDrive HVAC